Electronic Log Law

Electronic Log Law

There is a lot of bluster about the new electronic logbook law that is going into effect soon and I thought it would be good to get some of the facts straight.  In this blog I am going to let you know what I have found to be true by reading government documents and sifting thru information presented by companies that offer system to comply with the new law.

NOTE: The information provided on this website is to help promote understanding of and compliance with the ELD rule – it is not a substitute for the specific requirements documented in the rule.

First of all, when does the law go into effect and who must comply?

The ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Final Rule was published December 16, 2015 and consists of three phases:

  1. Awareness and Transistion Phase
  2. Phase in compliance Phase
  3. Full compliance Phase

Phase Two starts December 18, 2017 and that is the important date.  At that time paper log books and computer log books, like Logbook Pro, will be phased out and can not be used.  All drivers must use an ELD compliant system except for companies that already have AOBRD logging system installed in their trucks before December 16, 2017. AOBRD (automatic onboard recording devices) record less data and the data they record is easier to edit when necessary.  Read here to find out about it. https://blog.bigroad.com/blog/aobrds-vs-elds

Phase Three starts December 16, 2019 and all trucking companies must at that time use ELD.

The only exception to this is the less than 100 mile radius delivery drivers and drivers that only go past the 100 mile radius 2 days a week.

The bottom line here is everyone needs to get an approved ELD system installed in their truck, and use it, by December 18, 2017.

Second, what kind of equipment do I need, what does it cost and where do I get it?

There is a list of Registeed ELD’s provided by the FMCSA.  The list contains 122 different systems that can be installed and will comply with the new rules.  Most Important: Make sure that the specific ELD model you are considering is on FMCSA’s list of registered ELDs. Review the list of registered ELDs here. The vendors on this list have self-certified that their device is compliant with all of the ELD technical specifications, and registered each ELD model with FMCSA.  Many of the vendors on this list also supply AOBRD system that can be easily upgraded to a full ELD system when necessary before December 16, 2019.

Each system has their own price structure and depending on the features desired you can get a system that is completely compliant that can be installed by the owner or driver in the $20 to $35/month price range.

Something else that is important to know: there are two kinds of equipment, and one records less data that the other.  Read here to find out about it. https://blog.bigroad.com/blog/aobrds-vs-elds

With some companies you can upgrade the software at the end of the two years when AOBRD systems can no longer be used and you will be compliant.  That gives you two years of less data being recorded and easier editing when there are problems.


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