Produce Freight

We have freight in both directions

Eastbound Loads

Our California to Texas loads are available on Monday and Thursday all year long.  During about half of the year they start in Salinas, CA. and the other half of the year they load starting in Yuma, AZ (with some trucks starting in the Los Angeles, CA area) These loads are two to three picks typ...

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Westbound Loads

Our westbound loads pickup in either the McAllen, TX area or Laredo, TX.  In the summer we concentrate on back-hauls to Fresno, CA, but we also have loads into Fallbrook, CA.  You will find there is plenty of time to deliver the load as there is load day, two driving days and then delivery day.  ...

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Contacting Produce Freight Broker couldn't be easier.  You can call at 916 367-6289 or you can email at Our address is as follows: Produce Freight Broker, LLC 8265 Hillgrove St Granite Bay, CA 95746...

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Produce Freight Broker is a truck brokerage that concentrates on the California / Texas corridor. We have customers in both states and are able to move trucks in both directions. This is more efficient for the trucks that contract with us and for the customers that contract with us. The trucks that load from California to Texas with us will have the opportunity of a return load being offered either the unload day or the next day in most all cases. This will minimize the downtime looking for a load. The customers that contract with us will have trucks assigned

Electronic Log Law

There is a lot of bluster about the new electronic logbook law that is going into effect soon and I thought it would be good to get some of the facts straight.  In this blog I am going to let you know what I have found to be true by reading government documents and sifting […]